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Ulvova tyhjyys

by Mörkö

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paulipeikko thumbnail
paulipeikko Really interesting, very finnish, lyrical style and concepts. Imaginative musical spaces and fresh, natural production. I like the voice very much.
"He, jotka pystyivät näyttämöllistämään ylijäämänsä, jatkoivat kehomme kasvua"
↑ You can't make this shit up Favorite track: Hajaantuminen.
rvss.eel thumbnail
rvss.eel Oddly unique and surprisingly addicting. Very hard to describe the sounds, but that's part of the allure here. Favorite track: Kerääntyminen.
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Sikiäminen 07:33
I was generated from the dead on its course towards repose and further chaos. I delay the stream as an extension of the igniting cosmos, a passive blank membrane in the pure light of creation. Animus told me that nature of all ecstasy is this and toil is an abomination. from the warmth of the primeval sea to the parade of the grey, demanding more. the directions of the living and the dead are the same: further away from whole. the oral consciousness licks the hidden wound, reaches for the missing teat. a day will come when the fish, or the reptile, in us wakes up in hunger and begins to refine its yearning for survival; starts its climb one circle at a time negotiating on the latency between the need and its fulfilment.
first of all: to accept eternity in itself, beyond the wheel of wheels, is not for every hunter knowing of sun only from reflections
and to whom the rhythms of cosmos come down to a rabbit running - rabbit lying. we receive and we store recycled solar force and increase the number of cells in relation to those foreign leaking increasingly as we grow. fulfilment is for nothing, it’s a stasis: the life within demands a chain of revolutions. the victory renowned always cradles the opposing seed and need is both the primary and the sole motor. 

 out of distress we gathered, our roles diverging as the body grew, securing the nutritious flow across tissue and filtration of toxins in which we were about to drown. we developed a group identity and a base to bend us away from mere egoism, to serve the collective determined by the genome shared in relation to the resources at hand. we observed ourselves to be fed solely on the providence of the fittest and when approved by the fellow kin. those able to make a spectacle of their surplus continued the growth with those left in the shades withering away. when we had accumulated the critical mass we collapsed in ourselves looping cancers and when slackened by satiation we laid down for the neighbouring bodies to suck. even if we could foresee the means of escaping our lot, we couldn’t sidestep the mechanisms by which, when strengthening ourselves, we strengthened the otherness around us, prolonging the process of decay, and expanding its jurisdiction, since even when distanced from our surroundings they returned in midst of our inner calm, dragging our struggle to circles in whose deceiving junctions we longed for the taste of meat, of others or of our own. once with our needs fulfilled we became suspicious in a way those hungrier couldn’t afford to be. we hadn’t strayed from the path but a path that doesn’t stray from us is even more dead than our abstractions. a day will come when the primate in us learns of its place in the conflict, from that day on the world shall be an adversary.
a day will come when the thinker in us learns of tools for building alternative shackles and in them sees something more valuable than his/her primal urges, first learning to articulate and then to mystify his/her condition. we receive and we store recycled solar force bleeding it out as abstractions whose survival require more than their creation. the haptic void stays unconcerned of our attempts at arrival, every bit as non-existent as the promise of the ever absent presence. to leap like he to whom accepting the chain of negations means sitting down with the original affirmation…
Luopuminen 08:51
…or to sidestep and switch off the lower body for it to unsaddle its mount, having turned stranger to survival tensions and with its temper calmed? something is gliding to beyond the rim without acknowledging itself, leaving only its shadow on maps. a day will come when the ascetic withdraws into a desert where the weight of the loss is the most pronounced and starts climbing the ladders to sip God’s milk. (and even when glancing under the flattest of caps the voice of God is to sound potent in those who have watched elsewhere and from elsewhere back. their bodies will toll like bells in the rumble of truth, their spirit will flicker like a candle in the final blow. the hope of infinity be ablaze, unbound in their bright eyes! from the exhaustless well of love be drawn!)


Written, recorded and mixed 11/2017 – 1/2018.


released May 22, 2018

Jari-Matti Nurminen: guitar, bass, synth, vocals, (lyrics)
Harri Talvenmäki: drums, vocals, lyrics

Released on tape by Mortuary Tapes.


all rights reserved



Mörkö Finland

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